GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, June 26

No Fear....Only Trust and Faith

There seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life right now. It started Saturday night with the advice of various friends: ‘Don’t be afraid and don’t worry.’ Sunday Morning dawned bright and early with a call to my big sister; her sage advice: Trust in the Lord and take things one day at a time. This was followed by a Sacrament Meeting with the theme of Trusting in the Lord. By 10 am I was sitting in a Catholic Mass listening to a fabulous gospel choir. The Homily was obedience and trust in the Lord, of course. Lol! Sunday afternoon, I was visited by the elders of my church, their lesson, can you guess? Yup, God loves me; I should trust in Him and not be afraid.

Today was my Institute class. Now one would expect a class on “The Lectures on Faith” to be about faith, right? Well tonight it was on the attributes of that God in which we have faith. Interestingly enough, there was quite a bit about trusting in God and our closing hymn ended with the words: “Fear departs when faith endures.” (LDS Hymn # 128) Lol! I think I have gotten the message. While I might not be afraid exactly about the choices I have made recently I am nervous. Nervous is allowed right? It’s not really afraid.

The lesson tonight was good. I do really enjoy the class.


Jeremymlad said...

So, you made a Special Guest Appearance in my dream this morning! Tiana's wedding was being held at Lakeridge Jr High and I stpped outside to find you sitting alone. I said something like "She gets all the attention today, huh?" and you, in your white courderoy bridesmaid dress, with matching pashmina said yes rather dejectedly, and continued eating your bowl full of pickled beets. Then you spilled some beet juice on your white courderoy jacket-thing, and the purple quickly stained the whole thing. You jumped up, angry, and swore, so I crossed the street and almost got hit by a car.

How's that for random?

Rae said...

Jer, I must say I love you! You crack me up. And why would you put me in White Courderoy! Of all things! Lol! I can't wait to see you at the reception...there is a reception right? I have no idea what I am doing for this wedding! Lol!