GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, June 8

So months and months ago, my girlfriends and I decided to it was time to take a trip to Europe! I mean we are 28 if we don’t do it this year when will we.

Tickets were purchased, hotels scouted, tourist spots decided upon....we are ready to go.

Now we are applying for passports (yeah I know we should have done this last month…sue me I was busy).

Today I have come across two dilemmas:

What color is my hair…I know officially it is Strawberry Blonde…but that doesn’t fit on the passport application? Many say I should just put red but other say blonde….What do you say?
What color are my eyes….I know that they used to change from Blue to Green. But I have always said green. Today some one told me Grey….some one else said Hazel? I think they are green…what do you say?

If I get these wrong will they not give me my passport? Lol!

Europe here we come!


canary said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your pc desk.
I'll publish on my blog!.
And if you want I can link your blog on mine!


Jeremymlad said...

I have always thought of your hair as red, friend.

Also, you can't go wrong with hazel, but I cal my eyes green, even though everyone around me says they're blue.

kuri said...

Definitely green eyes and... red hair? Blond hair? I can't make up my mind either!

Bunny said...


And Green.