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Friday, June 15

I Enjoy the Talented....

A couple of days ago Kuri blogged this

Since that day I have listened to it repeatedly. I seem to be in an opera mood and have therefore been listening to everything I have from that genre, which is sadly not much. Nessun Dorma continues to be one of my favorites; whether sung by the cell phone sales man Paul, Placido Domingo, Pavarotti, or the bounty hunter turned Opera singer, Carl Tanner. There is something to be said for the power of the opera…for the power of music really.

Last night I attended this year’s performance of River Dance at the Wolf Trap Theatre. (I will blog the pictures later; it was a co-worker dinner and a lot of fun) By the end of the show I was struggling to sit still.

I know Steph and others think I have an odd taste in music but when music is played well it can change your entire attitude. Good music finds a way into the soul. It can make me laugh or bring me to tears. I wish I was musically inclined in one way or another. Unfortunately I am one that must enjoy from the sidelines. I am grateful at least that I can enjoy so many varieties. Good luck to Paul Potts and his journey!

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