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Monday, July 23

More Random Thoughts

It seems as if all I have time for these days are Random Thoughts. I know it has been a whole week but who has time to write anything longer any more. So here are my random thoughts for last week.

Thoughts on Computers:
My power adapter for my computer has been “damaged beyond repair.” Not quite sure what happened to it, but we don’t have a replacement for it. Lol! I work for a company that uses Dell, yet they bought me a Compaq. Who knows how MIS makes its decisions. In case you were wondering, the power adapter for dell and Compaq computers are not interchangeable. Lol! This means I have to wait for a new cord to be delivered to the office. So I am working on a “temporary laptop”. I know I should be grateful that my hard drive didn’t crash or something, but it is killing me not to have access. ARGH!

Thoughts on Movies:
I finally saw the third Pirates movie this last week. Perry kindly offered to go with me so I didn’t have to go all by myself. I got lost in the plot shifts; there were just to many of them and the crew of Davy Jones still creeps me out. Oh and Orlando Bloom is a very attractive young man. The end.
I saw I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry on Sat with Kate and my big brother Ralph. I let Ralph pick the movie due to his ‘visitor’ status and he didn’t disappoint. I must admit that, as with all Adam Sandler movies, there is that are just a few scenes that cross the line. I laughed hard at quite a few parts, but I am not sure this movie will ever make it onto my personal movie shelf.

Thoughts on Buffy…..
Tara and I got tickets to Buffy forever ago. Friday finally arrived and we were able to attend the Buffy the Vampire Sing A Long. The theater was packed; all sorts of people had come out to play. Poor Ralph got stuck coming along with out the company of Perry who missed his train. I won’t say he hated it, but I am pretty sure it is not something he will ever do again. The rest of us had a ball. It was fun to see how into it people can get. People were singing and quoting lines right and left. I got some decent pictures which I will post later. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time.

Thoughts on Harry Potter…….
No, I didn’t go to any of the midnight parties; I was at the Buffy Sing-A-Long. Yes, I still got my book on Saturday. No, I didn’t read at all on Sat. I have to start the series over from book 1 and read them in order. I am kind of anal about how I read books that are part of a series. I will admit that I didn’t anyone to spoil it for me so I read the last chapter on Sunday (not the Epilogue, the last actual chapter). So I know the ending and now can read all the books in order with out anyone spoiling it for me. Lol! I know; I am shocked I did it too.

Thoughts on Work…..
My boss is out of the office, you would think that it would be a bit slower. Nope, not really; still crazy busy.

Thoughts on Driving……
I got Perry lost last week trying to get me home from the movie theater. Thank heavens for maps.
I loved having the rental car; it was nice to drive for a bit. I am glad I got to turn it in today. The traffic here is horrible and I don’t want the stress. Lol!

And that is all for today. Once I have my computer up and running again I will post some of the pics from the weekend.


Sherpa said...

Have you seen Hairspray yet? ;)

Rae said...

Not yet, Kate and I are going tomorrow night at the Tysons are more then welcome to join. I can hardly wait!!