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Monday, July 9

Random thoughts from my trip.....


Today I travel to Utah for Tiana’s Wedding. I arrived early as I am prone to do when traveling and spent a good amount of the wait at a sushi place. What can I say…Lol! I was hungry. Steph would be proud, I was even able to order and enjoy with out any guidance at all. It only took 2 years to learn to order tasty sushi.

As I sit waiting for my flight I realized that even though I have graduated to direct flights (ahh the joys of being single with a disposable income) I still pack as if I have long layovers. I have various DVDs to watch, my iPod, a few cd’s to download in case I get bored with what is already on the iPod, 2 books in my purse, 3 books in my backpack, a hand held sudoku game, (thanks Kate I love it!) my laptop, and my camera. When will I have all the time needed to use these items? In planning for the wait at the airport I have to account for the fact that I have no idea what mood I will be in at the airport. So I have to plan for all eventualities….okay maybe not every single one, but lots and lots. For now I am going to enjoy my current book while listening to my iPod


There is something about sleeping in my old bed; it seems to bring out my old habits. Or maybe it is the fact that I use to sleep in a California king size bed so sleeping sideways was an option that cannot even be imagined in the current twin size bed back home.

I landed late yesterday and first went to see Sarah and Meg. We visited for a couple of hours; lots of laughter and stories to be shared. We have been friends for so many years that not even the miles can change that. It has been two years since I lived here and I miss having them around. Yet at the same time, I now miss Kate and Gina and Jen and Kim and all of the rest of the gang back home.

The house is the same, but different. The kitchen is rearranged and the upstairs bathroom has been remodeled. The boys each have their own room and it is hard to recognize them as rooms that I grew up in. The big tree out front is gone, so there will be no more massive Christmas light projects in December. The pavilion in the back where I had my first kiss with Drew at 16 is gone too. Other then that it is still the same place where I spent my teenage years. The memories are strong here, the good and the bad.


I was told that on the drive to the airport tonight I would run into traffic. So I prepared myself for what I understand traffic to be. I fully expected to sit somewhere on I-15 or I-215 not moving at all. Instead, while surrounded by other cars, I cruised to the airport doing somewhere between 70 and 90 mph. I realized that I might just be a lead foot like the rest of my family. Lol! With the road stretching out in front of me and the radio on I was happy to just drive.


We spent the day prepping for the wedding tomorrow. With the family shoot canceled, we had all afternoon to take care of the required chores. My sister-in-law Sarah and my sister Gretchen spent over 3 hours weeding the flowerbeds. The boys and I took care of the sidewalks and driveways and wedding furniture. It was a long hot day in the sun but I must say things look pretty nice. I am tired, it is bed time.


It was a nice ceremony full of people I haven’t seen in years. The bride and groom were happy. I had no responsibilities other than having my picture taken and mingling. I find that I prefer responsibilities. It gives me something to do. I am not required to talk to everyone. I was happy to see my sister so happy. I think this is a good thing for her and wish her all the best. Once everyone was gone, we broke the set. It usually takes less time to take things apart, but not this time. It took about just as long and we were all hot and tired by the time we were done. Lol! After naps there was a trip to the pool. It was nice to just sit and chat with everyone. I have some very cute nieces and nephews. It was a long day.


It is interesting to me how different families function. When watching a family together you see a certain pecking order, which of course our family has. Yet, as we get older you can see the lines blur. Everyone has a place or position in our family. It is odd to watch the younger ones try to out grow their titles. I am not sure if it is possible. They will always be the three little boys. Whether they are 3 or 33. Sorry guys!

I have pictures and things to post, but don't have the time today. Maybe i can get them up tonight or tomorrow.

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Tiana said...

Rachel I love you! You are the greatest sister in the world. Thank you so much for coming to the wedding and for doing so much work to get it done. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! I miss you! Check out my blog on myspace if you have time!