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Tuesday, July 10

The Nixed Family Shoot

While this past weekend was my big sisters wedding, it was also the date for The Annual Hinkson Family Shoot. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Once a year my family gathers together on a weekend in July to go into the wilderness and blow things up. My eldest brother, a former Marine (though I am told there is no such thing), plans all year long for this event. He collects things that would be fun to explode. In past years there have been old printers, a refrigerator, bottles of colored water and much more. He uses the family wiki to advertise the dates and times months in advance so that we can all attend. This year he even bought some sort of grenade launcher for us to try. I, for various reasons, have never been able to attend. Since this years' Family Shoot coincided with the weekend of my big sisters wedding so I was able to attend. Unfortunately, there currently happens to be some sort of shooting ban in Utah. Because it is so dry we could not go outdoor range shooting and so the Family Shoot was postponed; possibly indefinitely. My brother, offered to take a bunch of pictures of me with some of the guns just in case I never make it back to another one. He took over 50 pictures. Lol! I think he had more fun then I did. But I learned a lot about the different weapons. I am sure I will never remember all the information, but it was still a lot of fun. I did learn that most of them are heavy and laser sights are really cool. Lol!

I think my favorite quote of the evening was when my brother handed me the .22 and said… “This is the weapon of choice for assassins and my daughters” Said daughters are 9 and 11. Lol!

When I told Steph that I had taken pictures with the various guns she wanted me to post pictures. SO to honor her request I am posting two:

Now I don't know much about guns at all but this is what I understand the names to be. Just so you know I could be entirely wrong. Feel free to correct me Cyn (or any one else)...please. :)

They called this one an: AR-15 with LMT M203 Grenade Launcher and Silencer. (Does any one know if LMT refers to the laser sight or is that a part of the name of the grenade launcher? I forgot to ask that question.)

This one is a .300 Weatherby Mangum.....

If I understood correctly it is a sniper rifle with stand and a kick ass laser sight. could you miss with that brother says you don't. It would be an awesome toy to have when sitting in those nose bleed seats at the theater. (Yes that was a joke. Don't get your panties in a twist. Lol!)


Bunny said...

Wow, that's awesome. I've never done much with rifles/shotguns, but I've always wanted to. We're a handgun family. Maybe *I* can be an honorary member next year! ;-)

That's so awesome, I know you tease about the fact that your family does it, but you just KNOW it's so much fun!

Bunny said...

PS - Your hair looks super cute!