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Monday, July 30

The Sista's

I have quite the family. There is quite a crush of people when you add up all of the Hinkson and Gifford kids. What with half, step, and whole (or is it natural?) I am one of 15 children. But regardless of technical title they are all my brothers and sisters. Growing up was an interesting experience that left me with stories that can leave my roommates rolling on the floor in laughter.

Among those masses are my sisters.

I miss them. We grew up together from the time I was 11 yrs old and quite a few of my memories include at least one of these women. Tallie and Gretch watching from the windows as I got my first kiss; hearing 'Rachel My Sister' through the halls of my high school; girls camp (ugh) and many others. Now we are scattered across the continental US and we rarely get the chance to see each other. Once there was a time when we would spend our days chatting online but as our lives change so has our opportunity to do that. We only talk occasionally and I really do miss them. They really are great ladies. I am so happy for them in all that they are doing!

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Tiana said...

I miss you too! Sheesh. We need to figure that sisters thing out again. Were all 4 of us go on a trip or something. It is weird how all of us are in different states now too! I love ya Rach!