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Sunday, January 27

It is the end of an era.............

8 years ago at the end of a summer temple trip in Salt Lake, my church group had a chance meeting with our beloved Prophet. Pres Hinckley was just leaving the temple as we were finishing and took the time to greet each of us and talk to our group for just a moment. It is one of my favorite memories. One I hope to share with my grandkids one day...the day I got a hug from the Prophet of our church.

Tonight, that beloved man passed from this life into the next.
While it was not quite unexpected, he was 97 after all, it is still a shock to the system.
I know that things have a purpose and a reason. That things will go forward. There will be a new Prophet called; the Lord's work will progress. But for now the members of the LDS faith will mourn the passing of this great man. My heart aches at the thought of Pres Hinckley not being the prophet. This man that has played such a role in my life and faith, he was the prophet when I graduated high school, he was the prophet when I went on my mission. I have been listening to his words of wisdom and allowing them to guide me through the difficult decisions of my 20's.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his remaining family.

But regardless of the sorrow, my main thoughts are centered on the fact that he is now reunited with those he has lost so recently. Especially the reunion with his sweetheart, Sister Marjorie Hinckley. What better joy can be found in the thought of their reunion.

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