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Friday, January 11

Surronded by Memories

You know that box you keep in the bottom of your closet? The box that gets moved from house to house, but is never really unpacked. Every now and then something is added to it but you don’t ever empty it. Today I unpacked it. I don’t really have a choice. The box holding my memories has gotten to the point where it is falling apart. It had to be unloaded, sorted through and repacked in a smaller box. But what do I get rid of? How did I forget so many moments? How can I get rid of it, knowing that if I do the memory will end up lost in my brain never to be recovered again? There were operas, festivals and baseball games. There was the Chinese New Year celebration, hockey games, work events, weddings, and all sorts of trips that were taken. A few hiking, a few rafting, and at least one tubing trip.

It is interesting that, I am going through this box today. It is January 11th. On this day 17 years ago my mother married my step-father and the chaos that has become my family was begun. Just 3 short years ago on this day I moved to the East coast with no more then 3 suitcases, 2 carry-on’s and not a friend in site. Ironically, it is also the day that Boo moved out here.

Who knew that there would be so many memories to create; so many possibilities available to me.

So…Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad…congrats!


Happy Anniversary R.A.G.S. Here’s to another 3 great years.

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