GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, January 24

So here ends another day at the office.....

On to the GREAT news……

Today is Tiana’s birthday…..

It is the big _ _!!! (I can’t actually give out her age on the web. I wouldn’t want her to hurt me. )

This is my big sister…

One of the few people who actually understand what our childhood was like because she lived it with me. Lol!

She understands the draw of Virginia….even if she did transfer her allegiance to Texas, she started here. Lol!

She is the one who I can call and talk to…..about anything. Good and bad.

Happy Birthday Sis! I hope it is a great one! You deserve all the happiness that can possibly come your way!

1 comment:

Tiana said...

Thank you! You are such a wonderful sister...I really miss you a whole bunch!