GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, January 17

What is in my brain.....

I love my IT dept….. Not only will he (as our IT dept is made up of 2 people and I am always asking the same guy for help) answer the stupid questions and random computer problems I seem to have on a daily basis but he can also fix my iPod! I love IT guys!!

I love the snow…would anyone mind if I moved to Montana. They have lots of snow there. Or maybe Maine; the accents are better there.

I love vegetables…..since it is snowing lunch is being delivered…my lunch a pita with cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. Sigh. I am starving.

I love musicals……Even when I hate the blocking, and the lead actress loses her accent when she is singing. It is still great to have a chance to go to the theater. (Is there a theater in Montana? Maine?)

I love audiobooks……I now have the Twilight series on my iPod! How cool is that?

And that is all for now….hope everyone is enjoying the snow as much as I am. 


Boo said...

Why Montana? Got all the snow you need right here? Although I am sure Stephanie would love it if you moved out there I would be sad, because that would be one less reason for her to move back here. No matter where you go we'll always come visit.

Tiana said...

I love you!