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Friday, January 18

A Vacation in January

There were the sounds of seagulls over my head as I walked to the metro this morning. At first I thought it was part of the song I was listening to but that didn't fit. A quick look found the scavengers above me.

As I stood in the freezing January cold, I was transported back 2 years. To a beach in North Carolina. I could feel the warm breeze against my face and smell the ocean. In my minds eye I could see the hammock that swung on the porch and hear the waves that crashed on the beach.

It lasted no more then a second or 2 but in that instant I was on vacation.

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Tiana said...

So...I think you should go to Florida with the fam when they go in April, Mom, Dad, the boys, and I think Tallie and Nick....I would be there if I wasn't going to be delivering a month after the trip. They are just going to chill at the beach....that would be nice.