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Saturday, June 21

I Got My Tickets.....

I know I am a bit crazy....but the tickets went on sale today.

I am now the happy holder of 4 tickets! So August 1st I will be happily ensconsed in the Nokia theater listening to Stephanie Meyer and Justin Furstenfeld(of Blue October). From there we will head on over to a midnight release party for Breaking Dawn.

The current count is 11 women with a possibility of more.... There will be carpools and hotel rooms and a rocking time. I can hardly wait.

On another note.....just after I got my tickets, my aunt called to tell me she will be in town next week. I am so excited. She is bringing a co-worker that has never been here before, so we will be hitting all of my favorite memorials......any one up for a walk around the sites one night next week? GIve me a holler and you can play with us. :)


Amy said...

Yay for the Breaking Dawn tour!! I got tickets to LA! Woo-hoo!

I wanna go site seeing! Can I come?

Rae said...

Amy....come play with us. We are hitting the monuments....and maybe even a museum or two. :)