GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, June 13


So I have been home for 3 days now. I figure I should write about my vacation. Amy even sent me pictures that can be posted. Lol!

Coming home is always hard on me. For about a week, I struggle with bouts of meloncholy. In the last 3 years I have learned to pack my schedule the first week after a trip to see my family. I know that living here is better for me. I love my life here. I love my job, my friends, the theater, all the fun I can have. But that doesn't make up for living a continent away from my family. I always miss them more just after I leave them. I miss the nights spent laughing and joking. The days sitting talking with the kids racing around the yard. The knowledge that I am missing important events in the lives of Goose, Wog, and Cricket makes my heart hurt. So that is why I put off writing about it.......

But Amy sent me I guess I have to post now.

The trip was laid back and casual......Sarah picked me up at the airport on Tuesday night and we just chatted until after midnight. We finally went to bed...or to read. Lol! Like me Sarah begins and ends her day with a book. I am not sure if she has always been like this but she is now, which was perfectly fine with me. I was perfectly content to wake up and read for a few hours with no distractions. The days were lazy, I think we watched 5 movies...or was it 6? I can't remember. Lol!

Wednesday was filled with running around. Sarah and I shopped. I got these great new tennis shoes at her recommendation. I love them!! I got to meet Baby A.J. and spend some time with Tallie. There were phone calls and emails through out the day, everyone called to wish me a happy birthday.
Wednesday night, Sarah, Meg, and I dusted off an old birthday tradition and went to Los Hermanos in Provo. We used to go there every year to celebrate our birthdays. It was fun to sit and laugh and talk. The waiters even came out and sung to Meg's delight and my embarrassment. It was again proven that I am eclectic.....I mean Classy. Right Meg?

Thursday was a lazy day, there was a movie or 2, we stopped by and saw my family. I picked up the tower of sugar sent by my dad. Some of the best cakes and cookies ever made!! I can't believe how big the boys are getting. Goose is almost as tall as I am. Wog and Cricket surpassed me a while ago. Tallie cut my hair. Dinner at Meg's where the conversation focused on an important discussion on the length of daisy dukes shorts and The hotness of Sean William Scott.

Friday, Sarah had a small mishap that required a Dr, a specialist, and some x-rays. I can't remember what I did that night....does anyone know? Sarah when you wake up from the anesthesia you want to call me and remind me? Lol!

Saturday was the TM day. We went up to SLC to see Gardiner Village. I had never been there before and the shops were great. I also had an AMAZING idea for our family ornaments. Mom and I are currently working on the idea for this Christmas. I can hardly wait!!

Afterwards we met up with Meg, Amy, Amy, and Jen for dinner. These women are all members of my favorite group the Twilight Moms. As a matter of fact I will be traveling to Forks with all of them come September. There was a lot of laughter through out dinner. After saying goodbye to Jen we headed over to B and N to pick up the latest book for book club. Then we all trekked up to Kim's (another TM) house and spent the evening just chatting. There we were supplied with well it was soda, but the photo op was too good to pass up. lol!

(Thanks Amy!!)

Sunday was a day just me and my family.....and let me tell you there are lots of them. We went to church and then everyone gathered at mom and dad's for dinner and junk food. Good night nurse, there were cookies and cakes and cupcakes, and chocolate fountains with suitable dipping items. Just so you know there was both white and milk chocolate so everyone could have what they wanted. Lol! That doesn't include the bigger then your head burgers, the sloppy joes, the corn on the cob, and pasta salad to feed a small army....LOL!
Our family is all about the food. Lol! There were presents and chatting, babies were passed around. Kids played in the yard and it was just a fun time to be together. The night ended with an impromptu concert from Wog, Cricket, and Goose. Each shared songs on their instrument of choice. I am so proud of all of their accomplishments. I am excited for Christmas when we are all together again.

Monday was another lazy day, sarah picked me up around noon and we did something.....Again...I can't remember what...but then we headed to Meg's for a final dinner and chatting. There was lots of chatting until Sarah finally gave in to the fact that she had to go back to work in the morning and headed home. Meg and I got online and played and read until It was time for bed, knowing it was my last night there. Tuesday Meg took me to the airport and I came home, where I was greeted by Code Monkey.....with an all - day sucker. How nice is that? ;)

That's my trip....nothing amazing or spectacular. Just good times with good friends and family.


The Palmers said...

I am sad we didn't get a picture with you and Abe-Jay, oh well, Christmas will be here before you know it! Love you!

Cluff Family said...

That dinner on Sunday sounds amazing! I am glad you had fun.

Amy said...

Love those pictures!! I'm so glad we finally met- now Forks will be even more fun!

Rae said...

Forks in Sept Home for Christmas....THe anticipation is going to be the death of me. :)