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Monday, June 2


A friend of mine had requested to see the book we made my mother for Mother's day so it was brought into the office. Every time I pull it out, there are 3 or 4 people that see it and want to ooohhh and aaawww over it. I must say my big sister did an amazing job!

Anyway, today someone approached the desk where I was working and saw it. She asked to look through it and I spouted the general spiel to answer her questions (this is the book we made for my mom for mother's day, we did it at Blurb, we spent such and such....blah blah blah...).

Anyway, after she was done she flipped back to the front cover and asked which one was me. Most people can pick me out rather easily, so I chuckled as I pointed myself out. Not thinking anything of it......then she said: "obviously, this was taken a long time ago."

I wasn't sure how to take that comment, I'm still not sure. I finally jsut said it was the last time we were all together, 2 and a half years ago. So no, not that long ago.
Conversation ended; she went on her merry way.

But I think I have been insulted. Yes it was over 2 years ago. Yes I have gained back every ounce I lost that first year. But really, did you have to point it out so bluntly?

I guess it is time to take my exercising seriously. *sigh*

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Bonnie said...

I feel your pain and I need to do the same thing. I am not sure how I can do that until the dizziness is under control.