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Saturday, May 31

A gathering of TM's

A group of 7 women gathered around 2 small round tables in a Barnes and Noble today at noon. Sharing copies so everyone could see, we read the first chapter of Stephanie Meyer's new book which hits shelves in August. From there we headed to Old Ebbits Grill for lunch, by the time we were done there were 10 of us. 2 had to brave a thunder storms and tornado warnings to make it to our lunch. We heard the thunder and rain pounding the glass over head, but the talking never stopped.

The Twilight Moms have gathered again. We might not get the masses that can be found at the gatherings of the west coast, but that doesn't mean there wasn't lots of laughter. Food was consumed, conversation was abundant, and laughter rang loud and clear through the back of the restaurant.

Pictures were taken (sorry Amy, no one stood on chairs ;) ) theories were discussed, families were talked about,......and we even sang a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for our newest member Sarah. Happy Birthday Sarah!)

Time flew by and before we knew it 4 o' clock had rolled around and we had to go our separate ways. We could have chattered on and on but families, trains, and activities were calling. (Once I get copies of the pictures I will post them here.)
I can hardly wait for the next gathering in a couple of weeks!

Afterwards Jess kindly dropped me off at Code Monkeys house, we were to head to a concert of the military band. Unfortunately, Jess left and I promptly fell asleep on the couch. Upon awakening, Code Monkey was good enough to agree to a few episodes of House and the first 3 episode of Firefly....that way I didn't have to get up until he took me home. Lol!


Amy said...

Dang it!! I can't believe there was no chair standing! I'm disappointed in you East Coast TM's.

Don't worry- I won't stand on a chair next week either. I only do that at large, noisy gatherings when I need everyone's attention.

Jessica said...

Too bad about missing the military band ( I know he was looking forward to it) but at least you go some much needed sleep. :)

Sherpa said...

Sounds like a nice evening.

Bonnie said...

Amy always has to be in charge. I hope you girls have fun next weekend. I wish I was getting away.