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Thursday, May 1

For ~tracey~

Okay I know that I just did one like this, but I am trying to encourage ….so this one is for ~tracey~; who I 'met' through Amy; who I 'met' through Meg; who still does not have a computer and is going through withdrawals!
I, myself, am also experiencing withdrawals symptoms therefore I am filling my blog with unimportant links, videos, and quizzes while I work all day and play all night at various events. Thanks Code Monkey and Aunt Joyce! Now onto my answers:

4 things I was doing 10 years ago... 1998
  1. Working at Days Inn
  2. Working at Sears home Central
  3. Playing with Meg and the Trio (I wonder where Adam, Russ, and Dave are.)
  4. Lukas was 1… ‘nuff said
4 things I was doing 5 years ago...2003
  1. Working at Lehi Medical Clinic.
I have no idea what else I was doing….can anyone help me out?

4 things I did yesterday...
  1. Work
  2. Met Aunt Joyce in Old Town to walk to the Waterfront
  3. Ate at an Italian restaurant next to the group that seemed straight from the script of the Sopranos.
  4. Got a short ghost tour from a very nice man named Russ!
4 shows I like...
  1. American Idol
  2. Law & Order:SVU
  3. When Weather Changed History.
  4. Bones and Heroes (Thanks Code Monkey for the Heroes DVD’s; I can watch them now that I have no cable!)
My biggest 4 joys of the moment...
  1. I am going to the NSO tonight!
  2. I have an AWESOME Boss. Really, she is amazing
  3. I have plans for every weekend for the month!
  4. Spring is here and the weather is FABULOUS!!!
I am not going to tag do this one if you want to....

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Amy said...

I had a hard time recalling what I was doing 5 years ago too. I didn't have a problem with 10 years but 5 stumped me- weird.