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Tuesday, May 27

Just pretend I still want to go to Turkey......

My big brother has a great sense of humor....or maybe I should say a very dry wit. I love getting his emails as they usually have a tidbit of insight and a dash of humor.

Today's email didn't disappoint. So for your reading pleasure, here's my favorite part:

Which reminds me a conversation I had yesterday ...... I was talking with a co-worker, American this time. He was telling me that he had to go on vacation or he would go crazy. I asked him where he wants to go. So, he started naming places, perhaps Turkey. I started encouraging him to go there, explaining about the history of Istanbul (not Constantinople... or Byzantium) and some of the natural beauty in Turkey.

Then he told me how he would just go to the Phillipines if it weren't so expensive to fly out there. I told him how I had been to the Phillipines when I was a little boy. I asked him where he would go there. He looked at me, smiled and said, "I would be going for things that you simply wouldn't be interested in. Just pretend I still want to go to Turkey."

Now you know what I mean when I say....."Just pretend I still want to go to Turkey." ;)

Thanks Ralph!

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