GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, May 30

The cool night breeze.......

Have you ever sat by your open windows and listened to the sounds of your night.

I know the sounds aren't the same everywhere but there is something about sitting by the window; feeling the cool night air blowing across your skin while listening to the sounds of your world and pondering your day.

Today was fun........
There was a mad dash this afternoon that involved 2 DMV's, an very nice old lady in VA, a traffic Jam on Pennsylvania Avenue, the words Frell, Freck, and Frack, and a nice photographer that offered to retake my picture (it still wasn't any good, but that was because they made me show them the weapon in my hair when I went through security. LOL!)

Happily, I can now make my flight on Tuesday with my brand new DC license.

Tonight was a night for friends and fun, there was good food and hot fudge sundaes. Toss is a great Disney movie and homemade popcorn and it was almost perfection.

Tomorrow looks to be pretty busy, but I promise to find some time to post my final day of May post.

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Cluff Family said...

Good thing they made you take out the weapon!