GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, May 6

I am a total geek...........

But I am too excited to keep it to myself. There was even jumping up and down in my office.

I had resigned myself to waiting another 2 days (!!) for The Host (the latest Stephanie Meyer book) to arrive. Amazon said it wouldn’t be here until then and I believed them. So when everyone was talking about reading all day long and getting all excited about getting their books, I took a deep breath and reminded myself I had made plans and that a ‘2 day wait’ wouldn’t be that bad.

Amazon apparently loves me lots because my book arrived at my office today! No wait……nothing! Now I have plans AND a very beautiful book sitting on my desk! AAAACCCKKKK!

I am still unsure of whether or not I will actually enjoy this book. So I’ll let you know tomorrow; when I am running on no sleep but have finished the book. Good thing I stocked up on coke! Lol!

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