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Friday, May 2

A Post A Day In May

I'm joining the crowd over at Allsorts in this effort.. We'll see if I can actually complete this. Things might get hectic, but here goes. Maybe it will get me out of the tags, quizzes, and nonsense that I have been writing. So...yay for day two.
I am off to have movie night with Jess...then to Berwyn Heights Day tomorrow and Book Club on Sunday. (I forgot that is the book I am supposed to have with me today. I will just have to read it tomorrow. Lol! Good thing I have read A Wrinkle in Time so many times. Lol!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

1 comment:

Sherpa said...

You read allsorts too? Cool.

I'll be applauding your efforts. I thought about it, and..that's it. I just thought about it.