GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, January 18

Beyond tired.....

Yesterday after Sushi......where I ate most of a Dragon Roll.....
Really would you have eaten the tail? I couldn't get it past my brain, especially after the guys kept referring to it as the "Keith Richards tongue".

(**Author's Note** Apparently I mis-remembered. Thanks to David for the head's up. This was referred to as the Gene Simmon's Classic. My mistake.....either way....Not gonna go in my mouth ;) )

Anyway back on topic, After the dragon roll I hit a bookstore to find a book of places to see on my travels. After a few hours there it was off to Alexandria to hang out with Heather (Tina....I'm so sad that you couldn't make it, I hope you are feeling better already.)
Dinner and a movie,Paul Blart, Mall Cop (funny stuff), I headed home to do laundry and pack until about 4 in the morning. 45 minutes later I was up and showering for the New York trip. It is a good thing Tink was driving, because I was exhausted. I slept off and on for about an hour and a half so the minute we hit NY we were off to see all of the fun.

First stop was the Museum of the City of New York, which was Tink's Choice.It had some great exhibits, specifically, a photography exhibit by Eudora Welty which I found fascinating and a timeline narrorated by Stanley Tucci that was really informative.

Stop Number 2 was a walk through Central Park. Yes, my friends love me, because in 14 degree weather they will let me check Central Park off my list by walking through it in the cold. Brrrrr! But it is a beautiful park, even if it had a layer of snow.

From there we went to a greasy spoon dinner for lunch and then headed on to the New York City Public Library. Talk about taking your breath away. The architecture is amazing, and the Reading room is enormaous. There were two exhibits that caught our eye. One on Yaddo, a haven for artists trying to create. The other was a pictoral look back on the faces of the people of Afghanistan. Both were very interesting.

Unfortunately, during the visit to the library, my Blackberry stopped working. Long story short, I had to buy a cheapo, $20 phone that I will use as I cross the country. When I get to Utah, I can call them and have a place for them to send the new one. I stressed just a tad, but Tink, Kara and her hubby Craig kept their heads and were able to think outside the box for solutions. Not something I could do in my tired condition.

Dinner with Craig was at a place called Spanky's. Disturbing huh. But I am told the BBQ is good. Us gilrs split appetoizers and dessert as we were all still pretty full from lunch.

Our final stop for the even was the Theatre. Mary Poppins was the show for us this evening. This was my choice for the trip, as it is one I wanted to see. Unfortunately, in one of my less then brilliant ideas I suggested we see this play. And I have no complaints about the play itself. But the little kids that attened got on my very last nerve. There was a little girl that screaded behind us and others were kicking all of our chairs. It was very irritating. As for the show, I enjoyed it. Bert was great! My only caveat is that I enjoy the Disney movie more. Most likely because it is what I have grown up on.

Okay, I am so tired I can't keep my eye's open.



Gwen said...

I totally should have posted this when I first read that you were moving back here... where are you going to be in Utah? We'll have to get together after you're out here and settled :) Safe travels!

Kara said...

summer the play will be my pick! travel safe- call in- I spend most of the day in bed sick and beat up