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Sunday, January 25

What day is it?

So there was a change of plans yesterday......when I realized that there was snow predicted for Wyoming all through the beginning of the coming week I decided that my plans had to change. I didn't want to get stuck some where. There were multiple calls to friends and family that have either driven through the area or live in the area to help me decide what to do. A decision was finally made to keep course to Winter Quarters in Nebraska and then cut across Nebraska to Wyoming and head home today. While I was supposed to stay the night in Omaha.....I changed my mind when I noticed that the roads were clear and I was totally hopped up on Cherry Coke. I figured I would just drive until I either got tired of the snow caught up with me.

Unfortunately, the snow caught up with me about 3 hours outside of Cheyenne..........without a decent hotel in sight. Ugh! But The caffeine crash came about an hour outside of Cheyenne but by then the roads were clear again (thank you for snow plows!!) and the snow had stopped and I was determined to make it to a nice bed at the Holiday in Express in Cheyenne.

I got in around 3:30 and was up at 8:30......vaguely........a call with my friend Laurie gave me the bad news. I-80 East and West has been closed.......but they hope to be open in the am. So I went back to! Forgetting to reset my alarm so I could go to church. Now that I am awake sacrament meeting is almost over. So instead I am going to go to lunch with Laurie and enjoy the rest of my Sabbath.

May be I will get the rest of my pictures up.


Amanda Cluff said...

We moved back almost this same exact time last year. We did change out route and ended up going through Colorado and on I-70. I-80 had been closed for days and no sign of opening. We decided to go on 70 and pray we got ahead of the storm. Needless to say once we hit Price there was snow. It took us 3 hours to get from Price to Spanish Fork. You will make it! Just be careful.

Julia said...

Rae - becareful out could be dangerous in the icy road of snow.

And I love cherry choke too! I drink it all the times :)

Julia (from JDRobb group)