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Friday, January 23

Day FOUR.....

Yesterday started with a trip to the land of the King: Graceland.
I learned quite a bit about about the Presley family yesterday. This isn't all that surprising once you consider the fact that the only thing I knew about the Presley's before yesterday was that my younger siste, Gretchen, liked to listen to Elvis music when she was in high school. Walking around the various exhibits at Graceland was fun. While I might not have been a huge fan, I can understand the effect Elvis had on many people, both of my generation and my parents generation. I even ended up buying a bunch of the Elvis movies as I haven't seen any of them. While talking to my dad last night, I learned that he has seen every one of them. Lol! It makes sense, but was not something thaty we have ever discussed before.
I find it interesting, that the green 70's shag carpet in Elvis' house wasn't just on the was also on the ceiling in some of the rooms. I found that a bit odd... and still don't know the purpose of that. Anyone have any clues?
I think my personal favorite Elvis tidbit was that Elvis liked to read......A Lot! Every where he traveled he packed a TRUNK of books. When he flew on his plane The Lisa Marie (which I saw and took pictures of) the trunk was kept in his room on the plane so that he could read before going to bed. See.....I am not the only one that packs a stock of reading material. Lol!

After finishing up at Graceland, I headed over to the Rock 'n' Soul museum to learn about the start of Jazz, Blues, and Rock and Roll. Another place full of information where I didn't take any pictures. I must admit by the time I was done it was dark and I didn't want to be out by myself, so I jsut headed back to my hotel. There was a small detour to find a grocery store....which unfortunately took me through the hood........I finally found a Piggly Wiggly just like in the movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Now I can say that I have been to one. ;) it is after 10 pm and I am tired......I'll have to write about today in the morning.

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Sherpa said...

I didn't realize Elvis was a voracious reader, but its not really surprising. Many people in the recording industry are book-worms, and although Elvis didn't write his own stuff, most singer-songwriters read a ton.