GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, January 29


Hello Everyone....sorry for the delay in posting these. I am settled in Utah.....I even have an apartment which I will move into on Monday! Yay! Now I just need a car and a job and life will be good. Ha Ha ha Anyway, I will try to get the rest of the trip posts is midweek last week.
I woke up early and hit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. This museum is located at the Motel where Martin Luther King was shot in 1968. The museum requires you to check your camera when you enter so the only pictures I have are from the outside.

I found the museum very informative. But I must admit that the set up of the museum wasn't very clear. The flow of information wasn't always clear and everything wasn't always documented. There were a lot of pictures that I didn't know who they were and the signs didn't explain them.

After the museum I headed out of town and on to St. Louis. I had promised people that I wouldn't stay the night in St Louis as it is apparently a fairly dangerous city. So I chose to leave Memphis early in the day so I could hit the St. Louis Arch during the daylight hours. I arrived and got lost. So maybe everyone was right about me not staying there. As Steph says it is very possible that I would end up in the middle of a gang war in the ghetto. Lol! The Arch was pretty cool. I got to stay for a bit at the top and took a bunch of pictures. I evan had the ranger take a picture of me at the center point. FYI.....the arch is 630 feet tall and 630 feet wide.

It was late in the afternoon when I arrived so I had to rush through the museum at the base but it seems to have a lot of information even if there didn't seem to be an obvious beginning or ending point.

Also as I was the last person to arrive before they closed the trams that run up each of the legs of the arch I got to ride in a tram all by myself. Which I am very grateful for. All I would think was that this is how Mork felt in Mork & Mindy. It was a tiny egg shaped elevator thing that was supposed to seat 5 people. Ugh!

The people were really nice and I was on my way to Hannibal Missouri as night fell.


Boo said...

Cool photos of The Arch! I am so glad you were able to see it. I have always wanted to go.
I am also glad you didn't find yourself lost and in the middle of a gang war in St. Louis. That would be scary!
Glad you are safe and in Utah.

~yoga~ said...


Now Rae can come play...

Kara said...

cool we might go see the arch on the great road trip