GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, January 22

Day THREE...

I am headed to Graceland here in a few minutes but wanted to get my thoughts down about yesterday.
The morning started bright and early with a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame. As everyone knows, I like country music and so the chance to see the Hall of Fame was at the top of my trip wants. What I didn't realize was that it would be kind of like hitting a museum at the Smithsonian and expecting to take it all in, in one morning. There was tons of information and I think I was a bit overwhelmed. I must admit that the building itself is pretty awesome. I was told that the building was shaped to represent 3 distinct things. You'll notice that the main body is shaped like a keyboard, the piano keys run into the lobby of the inside as well. Second any one who knows their carts will see the old school Cadillac fin shape. Finally the third is that it is shaped like a Bass Clef. As Meg said when i described it.....It sounds a bit "white trash" but it looks pretty cool. ;)
I didn't take all that many pictures inside because I was trying to assimilate all of the information but I did see Elvis' Solid Gold Caddy.

I Also learned a lot about the Hank William's family. Since I didn't start listening to country music until the mid 90's, I had a lot to learn. Mainly, who he was.......LOL! I ended up buying my first Hank Williams CD in the book store. Good stuff, if you like the old school twang.

I also saw Big Kenny's Top Hat!! I have loved Big 'N' Rich for a while now. They sing a song called the 8th of November that is very moving. And last year while I was visiting with Boo's family I met her uncle who served in the 173rd airborne. It was really cool for me. So it was a way cool display for me to see.

From there, I had a short tour of Studio B....the RCA studio where Elvis and others recorded from the 50's to the 70's. They still have the piano that Elvis would play when he recorded.

After I finished those I headed on over to the Ryman Auditorium. You might know it as the original site of the Grand Ole Opry. I must admit, the building is quite the grand old gal. When I sat in her pews, it felt like I was sitting in the tabernacle in Salt Lake. Which makes sense, as I was told no less then 3 times that the Ryman's acoustics are second in the world. Who is first....that's right the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. (Had to have a Mormon moment at least once.)I got to stand on the stage (they even let me play whit a guitar....ooooohhhhhh). It is was quite a moment for me as I now know about the history there. The girl who took my picture was really nice and we had quite a little chat. Once she found out I was on my way to Memphis that afternoon she suggested my dinner spot. She laughed and told me that I would think she was crazy when I arrived. Which I did. It was a roadside buffet, called Loretta Lynn's Kitchen. And well.....there wasn't much to it......but I have to admit the girl knew her food. Good night nurse, it was good southern cooking and I probably added 15 pounds to my hips . But it was totally worth it. ;)

So......4 books and 1 Hank William's CD later and I was on the road to Memphis. It was nice to have the time to chat with some friends........old and new. I got to talk to my dad, my sister Tiana, my best friend Meg, and Drew from high school. By the time I checked into my hotel my battery was almost dead. Lol!

Now, I off to shower and learn more about the King of Rock and Roll! Wish me luck. Lol!


Tiana said...

Wahoo..sounds like you had a blast!

Boo said...

Loretta Lynn is a native daughter of Kentucky. Duh! Of course her kitchen would have nothing but the best. :)
I am so glad you are having a good trip. Travel safely, lady.

Kara said...

2nd day with a pic without you making a face... hmmm are you happier on the road....