GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, December 29

I've gone dark side of the moon......

Do you remember those days back when you were in high school? You know Christmas or summer vacation would start and you would spend some time with no one else but your books. You would hole up in you room eating only when your hunger and a good stopping place coincided?

What you don’t remember those days…..whoops…..I guess I am again admitting that I am a geek.

Not to worry everyone…I am almost finished with the current series. I am on the last book…which I have never read before. So if I am not answering your calls or returning email or text it is not because I hate you or am ignoring you. I am just sunk in the world of Navy Seals, FBI, police detectives, terrorists, and serial killers. Good thing the good guys always win in the books, right? If only it happened in real life too.

I promise to surface before I have to be at work on Monday but don’t expect me before then.  Long live the good guys fighting for our freedom. (Darn….the acknowledgements to these books get me every time. Lol!)

P.S. If you have sent me a message; I promise to listen to it when I return to the land of the living and not a second sooner. This was just to let everyone know I am still alive.

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Sherpa said...

One of my best friends from Vernal once read 250 books one summer, she'd totally relate to this post, I'm sure.