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Sunday, December 23

TSO Live….....

Today we went to where ‘Virginia Meets the World’. The signs said so and so did Kate. Over a month ago my friend Patience suggested a show in Richmond. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra had 2 Saturday shows in our area for their tour. Of course I immediately thought of Kate and we agreed that we should attend with the group going. We didn’t think it through quite as much as we should have. We didn’t think about the traffic heading out of DC on the Saturday before Christmas. Whoops. In my opinion, the extra hour and a half was totally worth it.

We were scheduled to meet Angelee and Mark for dinner at 6. Upon arriving early we decided to walk around a cobblestone street that had this small bookstore (yes, it was my suggestion). Unfortunately, as we were leaving the parking garage I met the pavement up close and personal. Not one of my better moments but a common occurrence. Hopefully, the bruises won't show up for a bit. I don’t want my legs all banged up for church in the morning. Lol! At the bookstore, Kate came upon something she had never seen before. A book titled Naughty or Nice: Christmas Erotica. Who knew there exsisted such a book, apparently the staff at our book store, it was a ‘Staff Pick’. Lol! After killing time we headed to a German/Italian restaurant that our friend Mark had suggested called Acapella. The food and company was great. We even look happy. After 2 cherry cokes, 3 Tylenol and some good food, I almost didn’t feel the pain in my knee and ankle. Lol!

One of the worries that we all shared was dress code for this concert. We knew it was in a college arena, so we figured it would be a closer to a casual attire event and dressed accordingly. When we arrived we saw couples in all sorts of outfits. One lady was even wearing a formal opera cape but with the mix we didn’t stand out. Our seats were actually pretty great. Kate told me our tickets say we weren’t allowed to take pictures but the guards who searched my bag made no comments about my camera so I had fun. Most pictures were of us, I was trying to obey the rules but some of the laser shots were too good to miss. I will post them when I get them down loaded.

The concert was amazing!!! I loved it and more then once I felt bad that I didn’t think to invite my friend Perry the drummer. He would have loved the drum solo in the middle of the concert. It totally rocked.

I am going to close with Quotes from the evening:

K: If you are going to try German food, you should try it someplace like this.
R: What a German/Italian Restaurant?

A: If I can’t date a fun guy, I can’t eat a Fungi.
R: That doesn’t come out sounding like you want it to.
A: Alright then I can’t eat a fungi if I am not going to date a fun guy.
(It doesn’t look as funny as it sounds out loud. With the homonym it sounds deliciously dirty.)

R: I don’t usually consider myself a worldly person, and then I come to a place like this.

A: It's like Tchaikovsky with a twist.
R: Yeah, Tchaikovsky meets a 1980's hair band.

A: “For a minute there, it felt like we were at a rock concert.”
R: “Hon, we are at a rock concert.

K: License and Registration please. (Because of the bright lights)

P: I am beginning to feel as if we are being brainwashed

K: I’m walking in Memphis….

R: Next TSO concert, remember to bring the sunglasses.
M: And your sunscreen.
R: Can you get a sunburn from stage lights?

R: We're here, guess I should put my clothes on.

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tara said...

Ooooh! I love TSO! Saw the show a couple years ago. Did they do Christmas Canon Rock? My fave of theirs!