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Wednesday, December 12

So many thoughts....

My mind is full. Time after time I have thought to try to capture them in a consistent pattern to post. Unfortunately, every time I sit to write, my thoughts scatter to the winds and I am stuck staring at a blank screen. Today I wanted to sit and write about what I have been thinking. I have been trying most of the afternoon and failing miserably.
It is the holiday season after all I should be writing something. But my thoughts have been rather maudlin lately. I know it has somewhat to do with my choice not to go home for the holidays. The only family Christmas I have missed was when I was a missionary and while I was sad then it was offset by the amazing experiences I was having. It’s not like I don’t have things to do. I have the ward Christmas parties (one last week and one this Friday) and the Work holiday party on Saturday. I am going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra in Richmond on the 22nd. Kate has offered to let me have dinner with her family on Christmas Day. I have a visit to the White house on the 27th (trying to make up for the one that I missed earlier this year) I am going to see My Fair Lady after the first of the year. There is shopping to be done and gift giving and everything else. Yay! But there is no tree here, no decorations, no family traditions, and no family; which seems to make all the difference.

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Tiana said...

I understand why you aren't going anywhere for Christmas but I wish you could come to Texas. I miss having family around too! Know that I love ya!