GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, November 6

Contemplation abounded today. After a lazy morning(which means I slept till 9) I got up to realize that my body was so sore that I immediately retired to the couch for the morning. TV is very boring though and I got ambitious. The upstairs needed cleaning and it became my project. There followed a bout of sweeping and mopping and dishes and cleaning. After finishing I was invited to the first part of my contemplative afternoon.
I joined a group of roommates and their friends to attend the spy museum in the district. Now as a small side note I do not play well with others when it comes to museums and such. I want crowds to be small and exhibits to be enjoyed at my own speed. Therefore shortly after we arrived at the crowded museum I lost sight of my companions. I found them again at the end but essentially didn't speak to anyone for the 2 hours I was in the museum itself.....I loved it. The spy museum is one that requires much contemplation. I have decided that I would be a horrible spy. I do not lie well and even though I think I work well under pressure. I do not think I could work well under that kind of pressure. But it is incredible the things that have been accomplished by networks of spies. I can see why people get so paranoid. Why they worry that "big Brother" is watching. There is a museum devoted to the entire occupation. It was interesting to me to see the reasoning behind certain peoples choice of occupation. How they justify turning against there country. I am extremely loyal to the United States and therefore cannot imagine ever doing such a thing. But then I am extremely blessed to be a citizen of this country. Would I feel as loyal to "my" country had I been born into one that doesn't allow women, or even all the people, the freedoms that I take for granted?

After that I went to dinner and a movie with yet another roommate(I have 5 of them). We enjoyed terrible service at the local Cheesecake factory. The delicious Dulce De Leche Caramel Cheesecake I had at the end almost made up for the horrible service. Almost. But then we went to the movie called Good Night, Good Luck. Interestingly this followed the theme of the afternoon, as it was about the McCarthy era. I am too young to have been alive for this time. I have never understood the thinking that was had at this time in American History. It seems more akin to the Witch Trials of Salem. As I watched this film it gave me more of a look at what the world must have seemed like. I really enjoyed it. It was a black and white film directed by George Clooney. I realized that the life that I lead is possible because of the men and women who stood for freedom.
Not men who stood for their personal idea of freedom and rights. There are those I know that have this view. The world is very black and white. There is right and wrong. Their way is right and all others are wrong. Their personal job is to inform everyone else that they are wrong. I do not agree with this line of thinking. I believe that everyone has a right to his or her personal opinion. Just as I have the right to choose for myself, so does everyone else. I think that is the foundation of all of my opinions. That every individual has the right to choose for himself how he wants to act. There are of course going to be consequences for his actions(sometimes even legal ones for the good of everyone) but he or she has the right to that decision. I have no right to ever tell any one that they can or cannot think or act in certain way. I do not like to have people tell me what I can and can't do, therefore why impose upon others. Of course there are exceptions....Things like minors that are still learning right and wrong and those that are endangering other people. But on the whole the whole point of this earth life is freedom of choice. That is what the war in heaven was all about. Freedom to choose. That is what we are here to learn. We are here to learn to make right choices with that freedom. It is a daily battle between us and the natural man......
Sometimes we win........
Sometimes we lose........

How did I do today?

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