GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, November 4

Today was exhausting.

I started the day realizing it was going to be a gorgeous autumn day. Then I realized that I would not get the opportunity to enjoy any of it. My office finished phase 3 out of 4 phases today. Essentially that means it is 11:50 pm and I am still at work. We have finished and I need to dump my brain so that I can go home and crash.
Moving always makes me a little home sick. We did it alot growing up. When I was very small I think we spent max of 3 years in one place. I got to the point where I loved it. Even after my parents were divorced Mom had us changing rooms every couple of months. It becomes a habit. I move frequently now. In the last 11 months I have been in 3 places. I tell people that I just "haven't found the 'right' place" but in reality I am not a permanent person. It is easier to think about things in the short term. Must be my fear of commitment coming out.

Wow, I am all over the place tonight. I had better go and check out S's new office. She is really excited. Then I am on my way home.....

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