GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, November 18

Today I upset a good friend. I hate that.

It started out such a nice day. I was really happy this morning. It is Friday and I am looking forward to Harry Potter tonight. By Noon I was on my lunch hour crying to my best friend who is 2000 miles away in Utah.(Which I hate even more, crying in public is for sissies!!!)

What happend, you ask. I ask it myself. I was chatting with a friend, realizing that the reality I had created was made out of cards. I took one slight breath and it came crashing down. I hate that. I was happy in my house of cards. Unfortunately One cannot live in the real world in a house of cards. Therefore we will pick up the hopes that had barely begun to form and move on.
That is what life is all about. Moving on. Adjusting to the reality around you and finding our place in it.
What if I want a different place? How do I adjust? Do I just wait till it comes about? Where do I find the reality I want? Does everyone ponder these?

I sure do.........

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