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Monday, November 28

Moods are funny things...I have been in the epitome of a Bitchy Mood. Not that most people can tell. I think I hide it rather well. Yes my words have more of a bite. My temper is a little touchy but I have yet to go off on anyone yet. There has been no explosions that used to mark the "bad days" of my past. I guess it is all part of growing up. As I get older I realize that things are never as bad as they seem, people deserve more patience, and life is meant to be enjoyed.

This last week I went to see the musical Rent. I cannot suggest such a movie to any one. The drug use is in your face, the homosexuality is not disguised at all. Being the "Utah-Mormon" Girl that I am, I thought I would have more of a problem with these things. But really I didn't. I loved this. I loved the music. I loved the story. I paid full price twice to see it. And would see it again. Most of my friends had problems with this movie in some way or another. One just flat out hated it.
As I pondered this I realized that I believe very firmly in the choices of all people. As I have lived away from my family I have examined my beliefs and either strengthened or discarded them. This is one belief that is a base to all of the rest of my beliefs:
We are here to choose. No one has the right to take away that choice in any way, shape, or form. We must all suffer from the consequences of others unfortunate choices. But that does not give us the right to take away their freedom of choice. Yes, you can pull out the extreme situations all you want. It won't change my mind. It is all about the freedom to choose. Let everyone have it.

Steph is waiting for me, so I must go. I apologize for the rush and spelling errors. Hopefully this all transfers to print. Maybe it is just fuzzy thoughts in my head.........LOL!

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