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Thursday, September 27

Another year down......

2 years, 321 posts, 1,953 First Time Visitors *, 4,778 Total Visitors *, and 6,391 Pageloads * later I am still here.

I know. Shocking!

Who know that many people had nothing better to do with their time then read the random thoughts that pour out of my abused brain? This blog started as a place for me to write; one that no one would read, a journal of sorts. Or at least that is what I told myself. In reality, I think my inner exhibitionist was battling with my innate shyness. I really wanted to have people know what I was thinking with out having to say it out loud. Lol!

A lot has gone on in those 2 years: New friends, new family members, new housing, and various adventures. It amazes me some of the things I have written. That shy part of me cringes as I read my personal thoughts and feelings on display for the world to google. I worry every time I find that someone has googled my name and come to my blog. What will they think, why are they looking for me or the Place of Rae. Though I laugh too…I mean come on, I repeat: Why are they looking for me or the Place of Rae. I am not someone important and what I write is not all that earth shattering. It makes me chuckle to think that some out there wants to read what I have written. Lol!

Nevertheless, 2 years have gone by. What started as a personal place to “spew forth my thoughts” has become a timeline of my activities; one that can help me to remember these times in my life. Because these times need to be remembered; they are some pretty good times. So here is to 2 more years…or 20 or how many ever more I get!

* Numbers based on StatCounter installed Feb '06.

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