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Thursday, September 6

My Popcorn is the answer…

So for the past 2 days I have been getting emails about “Popcorn Lung” Apparently there is a lung disease that can be caused by a chemical released in the steam of microwave popcorn. Shocking! Another chemical that is bad for us! Lol!

So why are people emailing me, you ask. Well, I am a fan of popcorn, but only popcorn my way. Not the stale theater popcorn (though I do eat that), nor the dry popcorn from the air popper (though I will eat that too), but especially not the horrible microwave popcorn (blech). But what I love is my homemade popcorn, on the stove with a saucepan, olive oil (better for flavor) kernels, butter, and salt.

It started years ago when I was a wee thing. My father, Mike, made it this way. To be honest I am not sure why it was done this way; it was probably cheaper. I don’t remember it being a family thing, or ever making it with him. I don’t even remember it being made all that often. After my parents divorced, we were a microwave popcorn family; making bags by the dozen (that is what happens when there are 12 kids…you have to supply a lot of popcorn. Lol!)

Then I moved out on my own and found my addiction. I don’t even remember why I made it that way the first time, all I know is now I am known for it. I have been asked to teach it for FHE’s (those Provo wards were desperate). I have addicted more then one roommate to it; I have had it as a meal many a time. Lol! I keep a supply of the ingredients on hand at all times; it is considered a crime to run out of olive oil at my house. And now, just like learning that service can stave off depression, I learn that my popcorn is the stuff that is good for you! Just one more reason to make it! Speaking of…I ran out this morning, Gonna have to make a new batch tonight. Lol!

Oh and Sherpa…didn’t catch anything worth keeping. Lol!


Sherpa said...

In other words you practiced catch and release.

Rae said...

Nah...I was unimpressed with the possibilities so I saved the bait and read a book in the boat. the weather was great for it! :)