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Wednesday, September 26

Oh the Places You'll Go......

This blog might be part of the itchy feet problem. I came across it some how about a month ago and have been lurking ever since. Many of you might not think it would be cool to RV around the US. But for those of us that have a hard time settling in one place this seems like a perfect idea. I love seeing the places they go and the things they see. This last week or so they have been to the home town of Samuel Clemens, Hannibal Missouri, Independence, Missouri and Coffeeville, Kansas. They are currently somewhere in Oklahoma. Lol! Hmmm.......the people you get to meet when you travel through those towns in the middle of the US. You never know what you'll find.
Maybe someday I can travel like them. For now, I will enjoy the comforts of a home that isn’t on wheels and live vicariously through The Mighty Quinns. Lol!

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