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Wednesday, September 12

A Day of Rest

Good Morning Every One!

Since I canceled the trip to Europe I've been wanting to take some time off. So I decided to take a couple of days here and there. I have a few dr./dentist appointments and 2 whole days this month that I am taking off. I can sleep in and do what ever I want on those two days! I am so excited. What am I going to do for my 2 days? I am going to play tourist in The District.
Unfortunately, today is my first day and I have been awake since a bit before 7 am. Looks like sleeping in is out. Oh well, I will survive. I am headed off to get tickets for the Holocaust Museum and the Washington Monument. Wahoo!
I'm taking my laptop (how would I check my eBay bids with out it? Lol!) so I'll see you at Starbucks this afternoon!

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Tiana said...

So much fun. I wish I could play with you today!