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Thursday, September 20

A Day of Rest: Day 2

There is something about waking up to the sounds of birds chirping that relaxes. Maybe it is my unconscious desire to be Cinderella? What do you think?
I currently sit in my bed underneath my open window. The sky is blue, the air is crisp, the birds are chirping, and every so often I can here the trains for the metro. I have the radio playing to add a little noise; I can’t believe how silent the house is at 9 am on a weekday.
Today is the second day off that I am taking. No reason really, though I get the opportunity to tour the White House today. I am kind of excited and I will be leaving once my clothes are done in the dryer. These days off are more pleasant then I expected. They remind me of those coveted Christmas vacation days years ago in high school. You know the kind I am talking about..... You wake up early because you are in the habit, but there is no reason to get up so you just lie there listening to the world come alive. Once others are up and about you get up and chat while they go about whatever they are doing.

I think this is the best vacation I could have taken, usually when I take time off there is a rigid schedule of things that I want to do. Just last week I planned my day off starting at 9 am and not coming home until 9 pm. But today, I only have the WH tour planned, and that is not until later today so I can just relax this morning. Some good country music and a good book…..*sigh* perfection.

Hope you are having a great day!

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