GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, September 30


Tonight I am sitting in my room. I can hear the crickets through the open window behind me. The cool air that comes into the room carries the scent of fall. Can you believe the time has passed so fast? Another summer has ended. Tonight I sit listening to country music on the radio. Songs about loss and love and how they’re “gonna be somebody”. It’s nice. How many times have I sat here like this? It has become a habit. My book, my radio, my window……..My home. It seems as if I have lived here forever. Yet.....

My time here at this house is coming to a close. By the end of Oct. we will know the closing date of our lease with our landlord. I might be moving as soon at Nov. 30th or as late as Jan 11th. What seemed light years away back in January has snuck up on me. Tonight I sit here and wander what it would be like not to have to move again. To know that the lease would continue indefinately and the moving would end. With all of the wanderlust that fills my veins, there are moments when I wish for the comfort of the familiar. I know that when it comes time to move I will be excited about the chance to go to someplace new. Regardless of where I go I love the thrill of the move. There are new people, new places, new things, new decorating, new opportunities; it’s all new. Maybe someday the desire for permanence will be stronger then this strange transient feeling. I even hope that someday I will have something that will tie me to a place. For now, I am grateful for the opportunities each new place has afforded me. And when these rare moments of longing happen, the scriptures say "it came to pass."


Tiana said...

So sad that you are leaving your place. I love that place. Move to Texas.

Rae said...

Now lets weigh the pros and cons:
nephew..and one on the way
new place


Sorry Texas loses. But I'll come visit sometime. XO