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Monday, September 24

Itchy feet....

It is happening again. That urge to move. It happens every so often. But lately, it has gotten to be a pretty strong pull. My lease is up shortly so I can do it. But where to go? And when? I am locked into my current employment situation for the next couple of months. I gave my word that I would be here, and so I will. But what about after that?

I miss real snow...maybe I should move to the North gets cold in Maine. Or how about Alaska, there is definitely snow there. I don't have my degree but I definitely have experience, so maybe it would be worth something. Maybe New York, I have always wanted to go there. Steph suggested Montana...But that would require me buying a car. Which I could probably do...maybe.

Any suggestions?

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YaYa said...

What about the North Pole? With Santa? Such a happy place.