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Thursday, November 29

AJ or Churchill???

Recently a co-worker of mine mentioned that she is not all that fascinated with the new babies....she thinks they all look like Winston Churchill in diapers.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am the proud new Auntie of Abraham Jay Palmer. And while I think he is completely adorable I can't quite decide if he has the Churchill face...
You be the judge. Lol!


Tiana said...

I think he is just so adoarble.

Rae said...

Of Course he is adorable...but i think my co-worker might be right... I do see a bit of Churchill.

Sherpa said...

I think he looks more like Mickey Rooney than Churchill. He's a cutie though.

"The Snow Maiden said...

I don't think Churchill is an attractive man so could I possibly think such an adorable baby could have anything in common with him?! *sigh* But if I am being honest...I do. I think A.J.'s lips look a little like him as does his forehead and bald head. Of course, most bald heads look a lot alike so it's not like I am really saying cute A.J. looks like Churchill, right? Right?!

And maybe A.J.'s nose and around the eyes look a little like Mickey Rooney's but not much, more than Churchill anyway.

Am I going to be taking a trip in a handbasket because I admitted all this about such a precious baby?!