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Sunday, November 25

The Thanksgiving re-cap

Exhaustion has settled over my brain. If this entry doesn’t make any sense I apologize. I am on day 3 or 4 of less then 2 hours of sleep and I am not sure I can even form complete sentences at this point. Unfortunately, my flight doesn’t board for another hour and a half, so I have to stay awake at least until that point. Fortunately, I have found the one and only vending machine in the airport that offers Cherry Coke. I might actually make it to take off before crashing. Lol!

It has been quite a week for me. As I blogged on Tuesday, I arrived in Utah on Monday night. After waiting impatiently all day for my credit card, I was finally able to do the things that I had planned for this stop in Utah. I got to see baby Sean Michael, who is really no longer a baby. I went shopping with Tallie for baby things. I went to dinner with Sarah, Meg, John, William, and Leah (Meg has the cutest kids). I went to a movie with Sarah and Meg for a girl’s night out. We had so much fun and The Rock…YUM! Then I rounded out the evening playing games with Wog, Cricket, and Goose until the wee hours of the morning. Wednesday was more playing with the boys and then packing the car and we were off to California. It was just four of us making the 10 hour trek across Utah and Nevada for the Hinkson family reunion. Goose, Cricket, Dad, and I set up shop in Mom and Dad’s Mercedes and traveled in style. Dad let me drive for a few hours on Wednesday night and I must say it is quite a sweet ride. Lol!

Thursday, started bright and early with the annual turkey bowl. Apparently, the guys in my Uncle Greg’s ward have been playing football every Thanksgiving morning for the last 21 years. Since we were all there, our family was invited and even those of us that didn’t want to play tagged along to watch. I spent most of the time, getting in good quality play time with my nieces, Sammy, Nannah, Amber, and my nephew baby Kent. I don’t see them all that often so no one begrudged me my role as favorite Aunt for a day. I have some of the cutest nieces and nephews, though you will have to see the family link for pictures. After football, we cleaned up to head to the church for Thanksgiving Dinner Lunch really, but we ate all day so who could really tell. Lol! There were 42 people at dinner. Yes, we are all related, even more shocking….we counted and there are at least 21 of us who didn’t make it. Can you imagine what it would look like if all of us gathered? Sheesh! Dinner was followed by volleyball and then Pie at Grandma’s. Quite a small house for 42 people, but the conversations were fun and the kids had a blast with each other.

Black Friday, was a lazy day for me, I didn’t get up until almost 7 am and then was fed Swedish Pancakes. Yum! The whole clan headed to the beach (COLD!) for games and a bonfire. It was a first for my sister-in-law Cyn and she had a ball with her camera. There was quite a wind that killed any chance of Frisbee or volley ball, but Sandcastle making and roasting hotdogs and smores over an open flame was definitely fun. When the wind got to be too much we headed back to the church for more volleyball and National Treasure on a projection screen.

Saturday started with the family pictures. Every donned their matching family reunion shirts and drove to a nearby park for pictures with Grandma and Grandpa. I must say we took quite a few. Since we were missing over half of our family we chose not to get a personal family picture. Lol! 6 hours later, after lunch at In and Out Burger and a dinner of pizza our group was back on the road to Utah. This time I sat in the back with Goose to watch Around the World in 80 Days and Happy Feet. Then it was time to change and I finished the drive home. I found that the Mercedes can go 0 to 50 in about 5 seconds, and can do 100 mph with out breaking stride. Lol! As I said, it is a sweet ride. Lol!

So to reiterate what I said at the beginning, I am now running on 2 hours of sleep for the 3rd or 4th day in a row. I am now going to start Twilight, which has been suggested for too many days. I caved and bought it. Let’s see if it is enough to keep me up until take off.

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