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Monday, November 5

Disjointed Thoughts on a Monday Morning…

It feels as if I haven’t written in forever. Most days I am tired and stressed. It makes me kind of grumpy so I try to steer clear of people unless I am at work where that is not a possibility.

  • I can’t believe that Kristin has been in the hospital for a month. It seems like just yesterday we were carpooling to work together. The time has gone by in a blur. Work is crazy busy, giving me no real time to think. Once I am home there are other things to stress about. Lol!

  • I move this weekend. I have rented a pickup truck and I figure I can do most of it myself. My only worry is moving the furniture. Even I can’t move a dresser by myself. Lol! I’ll have to figure out how I want to handle that; hopefully before Saturday.

  • Being me, I of course packed my books first. My friend Ben, introduced me to LibraryThing a month or two ago. I figured now would be a good time to catalog my books, so as I packed them away I entered the ISBN numbers into LibraryThing. Quite a feat, especially when I realized that I have almost a thousand books in my house. Actually,I topped out at 994 but there were a couple of books from the White House Historical Association and a couple of church books that didn’t come up in the database. Plus I believe I still have one or two boxes of books back home in Utah. I guess I am really on my way to having my own library. Lol!

  • I have decided to give away my love seat. Mostly because everyone hates it and it isn’t all that comfortable. *Sigh* it was my first furniture purchase. It is hard to get rid of it. It cost me 5 bucks 2 years ago….maybe it was 10; I’m not sure. Lol! So I have decided to give it away. Freecycle here it comes. (Okay, my real reason for getting rid of it….that thing is one heavy sucker and I really, really, don’t want to move it again. My arms are already sore from moving my books this weekend. Lol!)

Now I have to work, I have an interview in an hour and a list of a million things to do….*sigh*


Tiana said...

Oh my goodness you are moving this weekend? AAGGHH!!! Where are you going? I need to call you.

kate said...

Hallelujah! Your getting rid of the couch! But I do understand the hardship of parting with your first furniture purchase.

Good luck with your move this week!