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Monday, November 12

Out of Africa

While browsing through movies on I came across this one and figured that I should watch it to remember what was so great about it. Many years ago, when I was small (can you see me stroking my chin with a wise expression on my face? Lol!) I remember my mother telling me that Out of Africa was one of her favorite movies. I don’t remember watching the movie back then, but I am sure I must have at least once.
It arrived from Blockbuster weeks ago and has been sitting on my shelf waiting patiently to be watched. Tonight, since I am in my room unpacking anyway, I thought it would be as good a time as any.
Karen, the character portrayed by Meryl Streep is reminiscent of her character in Bridges of Madison County. They are both women who are under appreciated, who want to live life to the fullest and know that they will never get another chance. So they take what is offered and the love that goes with it. Unfortunately, the love that is offered is not from the one to which each of those characters is married. Does that make it any less painful to watch them end up apart at the end of the show? Your heart aches for the lost chance. Though, the words of Karen resound in my mind this evening. “I want to be worth something.” When faced with the choice to be alone or to spend her life with someone that was always flying off into the sunset, she chose to be alone.

I want to be worth something. I want to be important enough to someone. I want to be apart of something…..What woman doesn’t?

And that is the end of my melancholy evening I thing I will follow up with something funny and happy before I turn in.

Good night all!


Tiana said...

You are totally worth something! Every bit of you is!

Anonymous said...

Hello again . . .

Sorry it's been so long getting back to you.

It's funny . . . every time I peek in on your little blog-world here, I end up reading something that triggers a flood of memories.

The last time was actually quite ironic considering the timing of stumbling across your blog and certain other events that were happening in my life that drew close connection to the things you were blogging about at the time.

I meant to get back to you much sooner than this, but . . .

Alas, I have nothing but weak excuses . . .

Suffice it to say, I questioned my own reasons for even responding to your blog in the first place. I found, as the days passed, that my original intentions began to change.

I realize at this point that the intrigue I've generated perhaps may be too much for the Girl Mafia to handle.

Relax . . . I am not a cyber-stalker. That comment in your repsonse actually made me laugh out loud.

No, you know me . . . or at least . . . knew me.

Not as well as I would have hoped at the time, however.

Anyway . . .

The last time I blogged, I had just started a new job 2-days earlier. A certain someone had actually walked in the very same morning that I happened upon your blog re: Hamlet and a tidal wave of memories and feelings overwhelmed me.

I thought I was over the whole thing . . . but obviously wasn't.

I was very jealous and resentful toward this particular person for a slew of various reasons that now seem all so trivial.

I still do wonder, however, what your reaction would have been if YOU had seen him.

I would have liked to have been a fly-on-the-wall for that reunion.

All I can say is that he looked good . . . I mean REALLY good! (Not that I take particular notice of the ways guys look - being somewhat partial to females - but working the front office of a large fitness/gym corporation I see a lot for comparison.) I guess you couldn't really say that he ever looked "bad" . . . but he looked great and it took a few minutes for me to actually recognize him.

I'm sure you wouldn't have had the same problem.

Your latest blog just brought me back to the same inkling questions I had so long ago . . . and still do . . . always wondering what could have been . . . or what actually was . . .

Anyway . . . sorry for the elusive rambling.

I'll just leave it at that for now.

P.S. It's been almost a year . . . and I still see him almost ever morning like clock-work. He always takes the time to stop and say 'hello' and yes, he looks even better now than ever! Just ask any one of the dozen or so women that have started coming in early over the past few months just to work out while he's there.

I think it's hilarious. And you know what's even better???

He doesn't even pay them one bit of attention!

I wonder why . . .

Stephanie said...

Dear Rae:

I think that we, the aforementioned Girl Mafia, need to get on figuring out who the mystery commenter is. I, for one, am curious about his/her intentions with you.

Because, as we all know, you're my girlfriend.



Boo said...

I agree with your sister, of course you are worth something. Even the most miserable soul is worth more than worlds. Never forget that.
I know what you mean though. I agree that every woman wants to mean something, if not everything to a man. They want to belong to someone. I long for that as much as any other woman but I also relish in being single and open to all the possibilities that each new relationship can bring.
Thanks for seeing Lars with me last night. I had a good time.