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Sunday, November 11

The Day Dawn is Breaking the world is awaking……

I have finally moved. I will email out the new address to those who need it, don’t stress.

Yesterday was a test of my endurance. After a week of little sleep and a lot of work and packing I was up bright and early (Gina arrived at 6:50 am) to start the process of moving all of my accumulated junk. Boy, do I have a lot of it. Looking back I wish I had my camera, but I never had the time to stop and take the pictures. Ben was kind enough to show up and load up the truck with all of the heavy things. He even loaded my dresser all by himself! I am no light weight and can usually handle moving heavy furniture, but not all by myself. That dresser is heavy and awkward. I am still impressed if you can’t tell. Lol! Kevin and Lael showed up and we finally got into a rhythm. In no time we had the truck, Gina’s car, and Lael’s station wagon loaded and ready to go. Amazingly enough that only left a small load for me to come back for.

Ben had to head home and so there were four of us that descended upon my new house. In a little over an hour we had all of the vehicles unloaded and the contents in my room. Gina and I headed back to the house to load up the last load ourselves before doing a final walk through. While there, we decided that we should order lunch from our favorite place. Wing Zone, I miss it already. The last walk through was hard. It was sad to see things so empty; there are so many memories there. I think, as antsy as I got, I wasn’t really looking to leave.

By the time Gina and I went our separate ways we were already very tired. I own a lot of heavy books and hauling those from place to place it quite a work out. So by the time I headed to Tyson’s to pick up my forgotten check book, I was ready to weep with exhaustion. Kate called and offered to help me unpack some. So I swung by her place to pick her up before heading back into the district. What followed was something I never want to repeat. Now, Gina, Lael and I had gotten lost on our first trip to my new house, but it was nothing like what Kate and I went through. All I can say is that I am very grateful that I rely on the metro system and don’t have to figure out these streets. We spent 2 hours going in circles, trying to find my house. Kate was actually pretty patient as I got more and more frustrated and my headache got worse and worse. After finally finding my house we quickly unloaded the last of the items and I had time enough to take Kate home.

When I dropped Kate off and headed home on my own I was very aware that I have a horrible sense of direction. It didn’t seem to matter how careful I was as yet again I got lost (this time ending up out by Bolling Air Force Base). I was tired, my head hurt, and I had no clue where I was. I called Gina and finally got myself home with only a 30 minute detour. I think the funniest part was that I didn’t see a cop to help me out until I knew where I was. He finally stopped to talk to me when I parked in front of my house. Lol! I think he was worried because I was circling my block. Lol! But by the time I recognized where I was I had passed my house, AGAIN! Lol!

I unpacked until a little after 10 when the exhaustion got to be too much. After a shower, which took longer then I expected do to the effort it took to move, I crawled into my bed around 11:30. And there I stayed until 1:30 this afternoon; not even the sunrise coming through my blind-less windows could break through the fatigue that plagued me. I’ll have to hit the new ward next Sunday.

The downside to this move, other then getting lost 3 times in one day: I lost my debit card. I last remember using it Friday night to buy the doughnuts needed for Monday morning. But the call to the doughnut shop was too frustrating for words, as the weekend employees only speak Spanish!! Now I have to figure out how to fill the tank of a truck with out my debit card. Kate kindly helped me out yesterday by filling it half full. But I used that half a tank getting lost. UGH! The frustrations never seem to end.

Anyway, I am slowly unpacking what I own. As I was unpacking my clothes, I decided that there are things I should be getting rid of. I didn’t have time to purge my belongings when I was packing, so if I haven’t worn or used it in the last year and a half to 2 years, I am getting rid of it. I already have a large box of clothes that I am getting rid of. Lol! There are just so many things I don’t need. And why haul around what you don’t need it you don’t have too. On that note, I am going to lay down some more before unpacking. The headache still hasn’t gone away and I am hoping some more shut eye will help.

Happy Sunday to y’all!!

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Tiana said...

I hope you like your new place. I miss ya and wish I could of been there to help.