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Friday, July 11

Another Busy Weekend....

I am hoping that by posting early in the morning I will have time to get everything else I need to done.

Ya think it will work?

This weekend is going to be busy. I am so looking forward to it starting with a lunch at 11. My 2 favorite co0workers are taking me out for a birthday lunch. Yes we all know that my birthday was a month ago, but this is the first time we could all get together.

Then, I am having dinner with Jess at Coastal Flatts, and again, Yes I know it is a chain restaurant but their Shrimp and grit cakes are......too good to be put into words! I think I will have the bread pudding for dessert too..... Geez, I am already drooling over the meal at it isn't even 10 in the morning.

Tomorrow morning I am headed into Maryland for the Nora Roberts Event. The Turn The Page Bookstore is having the 13th Anniversary Event. Jess and I are headed up and are hoping to meet some of the other Mcnabbers there. (Sorry Meg, Roarke will not be in attendance. I know, I am crushed too.)

For those Mcnabbers that are reading this: (hi Julia!) I will be the girl in the Book Whore T-shirt. Can't wait to see you there!! ;)
I couldn't resist, and where would be more appropriate to wear it. Lol!


Amy said...

Have a great weekend!! I wish I could go to the Nora Roberts thing with you- sounds like fun!!

Julia said...

Hi Rae - please do a travelogue on both our blog and our McNabbs group ~ I know we all love to hear it :) SO jealous that you are there and having a good time at TTP! Tell everyone I said hi, and give them big hugs for me!

Enjoy and have fun!

Rae said...

That's IT! Amy you have to move out here so you can play with me more often! I think we could have LOTS of fun going to various events. I would totally give you one of my extra tickets to the BD just have to get yourself here. :)

Southern Princess said...

So lucky to go to TURN THE PAGE. I LOVE Nora Roberts, have been a big fan for quite some time. There are just so many of her books to read!