GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, July 29

Yeah for the new book!

Too bad I am in the middle of a re-vamp. I'll have to start the latest Feehan On Monday after I finish Breakin Dawn!


Here's what they told me my results were:

You are most like Sarah.

sistermatchher book
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You are like Sarah Drake, a born leader and the eldest of your family. If there is a crisis people come to you. You have a quick mind and are able to solve extremely difficult problems. You are known for your hacking talents and no computer is safe from you. You are very reliable and considered “the rock” of your family. You are athletic and love to be outdoors. You have a penchant for breaking and entering; locked doors pique your curiosity. Your favorite pastime is curling up with a book by the fire and having a cup of tea. Brainiacs are for you, especially ones who can keep a secret.

Your colors: the colors of air — yellows and greens
Elle65%Hidden Current
(to be published: 2009)


Jessica said...

Hey, you did it! No wonder we're friends, we just different enough to keep things interesting. I was Hannah and next was Sarah. :)

Amy said...

I've never read these books. I'll have to add them to my never ending list of books to read.

I'm in the middle of a revamp too. I bawled through the end of NM last night- why is that? It's not like I haven't read it before. I'm such a sap!!

Rae said...

I really enjoy these books, but I must put a warning label on them....

They are definitely......ummmm romance. I don't even let Meg read this author yet.

So just as an FYI.....If you can't handle the scenes then i wouldn't suggest Feehan.