GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, July 7

It's Here! It's Here!!!

After a week and a half spent animal sitting in Silver Spring, I arrived home to a pile of mail....and what to my wondering eyes should appear:

No not Santa and his wonderful reindeer... I officially have my tickets. I even have 2 extras to boot! Now I am stuck with the dilemma of what to do with them. LOL!
Should I
  • A) Give them to some deserving Twilight fan for the price of the ticket........
  • B)Auction them off on ebay for the going rate(I believe the past pair sold for $460.00)
Ahhhhhh the dilemmas of having a conscience.

On another friend Boo posted her pictures from the birthday party. So with out further is my favorite present for this year:


Cluff Family said...

Love the t-shirt! And you should totally ebay the tickets. :)

Julia said...

Hey Rae - This McNabber Julia. I know there are lot of Twilight blogger fan around here. So whatever you decided, I hope it work well for all invovled :)

Love the T-shirt! I chuckle over it lol....

Bonnie the Boss said...

Again that shirt makes me laugh.

Amy said...

Love the shirt!!!

Did you decide what to do with your tickets? I wish I could come and use them.