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Friday, July 4

I am going to be out of the loop..........

So I am posting this a day in advance because I will not have access to the internet until Sunday night. I will be in DC volunteering for the parade tomorrow and then up at Gettysburg all day Sat. We are hoping to see some of the re-enactments....everyone tell the rain to go away, please.

I thought about posting a serious post.....but it is hard when i am sitting in my office and I know I can go home the minute I turn off my computer.....*sigh*

My boss is dancing in my doorway telling me I can leave.....I just can't get serious about freedom and our country.

So I will leave you with:

Happy 4th of July!!

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Kandi said...

Hey, this is Kandice. Now you have my blog page. By the way, you write A LOT! And about random stuff, but that's cool. I'm glad you came yesterday, Gettysburg was a lot of fun!