GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, October 13

Do you ever notice that the moment you get accustomed to your life the world around you changes.
I finally got used to my crazy routine these days only to have it slow down and change. Life slowed; work got crazy busy and I try to keep up with it all. I wonder if there will ever be a time in which life stays constant and I enjoy that. I like change, to an extent. I love to try new things and places. I enjoy when things change as long as I can find my footing in the new reality. It is when I am so far out of my realm of experience and I look like a fool that I dislike change.
So some day maybe there will come a time when life does not have a new thing every day. Will I enjoy it?
I think that is what might happen in some marriages. I think that you can get stuck in the same routine day in and day out as you deal with husband and kids and school and home and cooking and grocery shopping and.............need I go on? I think that even though you are doing so much all of the time none of it is new. And for those of us with short attention spans this gets old real fast. Maybe that is why you find things in our culture like bored housewives wanting a divorce or an affair or anything to change the drudgery. This is one of my greatest fears. I know I get bored easy. What happens should I actually fall in love (heaven forbid) and marry (heaven forbid)! Ack! Three years down the road am I going to be bored out of my mind trying to find ways to introduce a little change? Three months down the road?

Life is so uncertain how does anyone keep up with it?

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